Our Company

Our Company

 CLARKtoys is the largest single retailer of sports figurines and bobbleheads in the world. We’re happy to be the go-to retailer for thousands of collectors, enthusiasts, parents, and children.

 We absolutely love what we do and since our website launch in 2002 our passion for toys and collectibles has led to us bringing over 1,000 CLARKtoys exclusives to market. Seriously, that many. From bobbleheads to figurines and beyond we’ve carried over 100,000 different toys and collectibles.

 While we have been a retailer of sports figurines since Kenner Starting Lineup™ was introduced in 1988, we now offer the most in-demand entertainment products and licensed collectibles as well. We are one of the largest Funko Pop! retailers and have thousands of the hottest Entertainment Toys and Collectibles available.

 Owned and operated by J.T. Clark Co. LLC, CLARKtoys is committed to bringing you amazing sports and entertainment products while offering you excellent customer service. Connect with us on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram.